Victorinox 8 inch Chef's Knife

Chef’s Knife: Victorinox Chef’s Knife

A high quality chef’s knife makes food preparation suck less. The Victorinox 8 inch Fibrox Chef’s Knife makes it a pleasure to slice and dice anything from meats to vegetables. If you’re going to cut something, you’re going to want to do it with this Victorinox Chef’s Knife.

A real chef’s knife, like this Victorinox, is a game changer compared to those crappy chef’s knives that come in a knife set. You know the ones, the low quality pieces of crap, made with weak Chinese steel, that come with a knife block.

This knife will make easy work of any food preparation job. Need to mince some garlic? Done. Cut up some potatoes and carrots for a stew? Easy. Need to debone a chicken? Then this is the knife for you.

Victorinox 8 inch Chef's Knife
Victorinox 8 inch Chef’s Knife

A good chef’s knife has become a general utility knife that can quickly and easily tackle all of these tasks.

What’s so good about the Victorinox Chef’s Knife? Let’s go down the list.

  • Made in Switzerland since 1884
  • Victorinox is the iconic “Swiss army knife” folding pocket knife company – the blade used by the Swiss Army for their solders
  • Blade made with very hard steel (X50CrMoV15) that gets extremely sharp and stays sharper longer
  • Non-slip, ergonomic handle
  • Dishwasher safe (but you should ALWAYS hand wash your good knives!)
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • “Highly Recommended” for over 20 years by a leading gourmet consumer magazine that features unbiased ratings and reviews of cookware and kitchen equipment
Victorinox Swiss Army Knife
Victorinox Swiss Army Knife

You can pick up the Victorinox 8 inch Chef’s Knife for $44.95 at Amazon